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At JB Accounting Services, we offer a wide range of bookkeeping and tax services.

Personal Services:
-Income tax return preparation, certified Canadian E-filer (direct deposit available upon request)
-Canada Revenue Agency audit reviews and engagements
-Financial advice, budgets and much more.


We also SPECIALIZE in the preparation of unfiled back taxes and prior years’ tax returns. If you are behind in filing your taxes, no matter how many years, we will get you back on track. If you are being harassed by the Canada Revenue Agency and are worried about the implications of your unfiled returns, call us immediately. We will speak with Canada Revenue on your behalf and ensure your peace of mind throughout the process.

No service can help you better with unfiled taxes. That’s a guarantee.

Small Business Bookkeeping and Related Services:
-GST/HST returns (including unfiled and arrears returns)
-Payroll and government remittances
-Employee T4 preparation
-General bookkeeping
-Money management solutions

Is your business not big enough to require a bookkeeper? That’s ok too!
Let JB Accounting Services provide your business with the tools and know-how to manage your books. We will give one-on-one training and computer software solutions for you to manage your company’s income and expenses throughout the year. This will allow you to be more prepared at tax season for the income taxes and HST you will be required to remit to the government.

Thinking of starting a business?
Call us! There’s no better way to get your business on the right track.
-Business number registration
-GST/HST number registration
-Payroll number registration
-Website and domain registration
-Advertising and marketing solutions


Why pay a lawyer $2000+ to register and incorporate your business? JB Accounting Services provides a full service, business incorporation service at extremely competitive prices. We will secure & register your corporate names (NUANS Search and reservations), file applicable documents with the appropriate federal and provincial agencies, obtain new corporate CRA Business, HST and Payroll account numbers all while ensuring a smooth transition from your sole proprietor/partnership business into your new corporation. On top of that, we will assist you with properly closing out your old Canada Revenue accounts and provide the right advice to moving your corporation in the right direction for the purposes of establishing business (corporate) credit and adhering to Canadian corporate laws.


Personal Income Tax Returns - $70
Rental Income Statements - $30
Self-Employed Return - $80 (starting price allotted 2 hour charge; $40/hour for every hour after charged in ½ hour increments)
Student (Proof required) Income Tax Returns - $50
Senior (65+) Income Tax Returns - $50

Bookkeeping - $40/hour charged in ½ hour increments (includes payroll)
HST Returns - $60 + $40/hour for bookkeeping above an  hour charged in ½ hour increments
Business Bookkeeping Templates and Solutions – Subject to scope of work

Consultation and Appointments - $40/hour (possible additional charges for driving and mileage)

All prices subject to Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax.

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