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Income Tax Checklist
Business Expenses Checklist
Automobile Tracking Checklist
Business-Use-of-Home Checklist
Rental Property Tracking Worksheet

Note: If you would like any copy of these forms in excel, please email us, and we’ll be happy to send them to you as soon as possible


Canada Revenue Agency - General Information for Individuals
(800) 959-8281

GST/HST Canada
(800) 959-1953

Canada Revenue Agency - Business & Self-Employed Services
(800) 959-5525

Canada Revenue Agency - Child Tax Benefit & Universal Child Tax Benefit
(800) 387-1193

Province of Ontario - Ontario Child Tax Benefit, Ontario Sales Tax Credit, Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit, Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant & Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit
(877) 627-6645

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