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About Us

Who We Are:
Independently owned and operated, JB Accounting Services has been servicing individuals and businesses in South Western Ontario since 2007. Based north of the Greater Toronto Area, we offer personal one-on-one consultations that cater to your needs and interests. Our goal is to provide the highest quality bookkeeping and tax services, while maintaining strong relationships with each of our clients.

Why JB Accounting Services is right for you?

We are different!

Unlike most financial and tax service businesses, WE COME TO YOU! That is right! We are a 100% mobile service. You book the time and place that works for you and we will bring our mobile office to you! Mobile laptops and printers, tax documents, bookkeeping files, etc. Everything is at our disposal. We offer absolutely everything in the comfort of your home.
What does that mean for you?
No more forgotten files, documents and tax receipts. By not having to go out to a tax office and by being in the comfort of your own home, you do not have to worry about forgetting to bring that important tax document that will boost your tax refund.

Affordable Value
JB Accounting Services maintains their promise to offer the best tax service at a reasonable price.
How can we do that?
We do not own buildings, rental offices or advertise over expensive mediums.
All we have is our professional knowledge, mobile office, and you, our important clients.

At JB Accounting Services, we understand the importance of communication.
That is why we pride ourselves in keeping our clients fully informed at all times. Through phone, fax, email or even text messaging, JB Accounting Services is always there to answer your questions. Unlike other seasonal tax services that “disappear” after tax season, we are here year-round.
We not only want to inform you of why your situation is a certain way, but also want to educate you on how you got into that situation.
Why is that important?
Many taxpayers find themselves in bad situations and owe the government money after filing their taxes every year. They are never truly educated as to why this keeps happening. JB Accounting Services does not want see you in this situation every year and therefore, we will give you the tools and knowledge to stop yourself from making the same mistakes in the future so you can put yourself into optimal tax situations every year: turning the anxiety of “tax season” into anticipation of an extra “pay day”.

Peace of Mind Policy
At JB Accounting Services, we are proud to be the only mobile tax service that offers the “Peace of Mind” Policy.
No deposits or down payments ever required.
Simply stated, if you are not 100% satisfied with the income tax return(s) that have been prepared for you, YOU DO NOT PAY!
All of your documents are returned to you and all your personal information and documents will be shredded and deleted for your privacy and protection. That is our guarantee.

Audit Representation
Many Canadian taxpayers get letters and audits 3-6 months after they have filed their taxes, and most do not know how to deal with them. By being an available year-round, JB Accounting Services will handle your audits and reviews by the Canada Revenue Agency, free-of-charge (excluding self-employed individuals).

Friendly Service & Advice
Unlike other accounting firms, we are not here to charge you for our time or simple advice. If you have some questions, call or email us. We will do our best to help. You are important to us. And we are going to make sure you are treated the way you deserve.

Private & Confidential Service
In the era we live in, nothing is more important than the privacy and protection and your personal information. At JB Accounting Services, we understand that and will make sure your information remains protected at all times.
We ensure private filing encryption so all of your information is secure. We will also hold all of your tax returns and information for 7 years. If you ever move or lose any of your information, we will always have it on file.

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